These are foods or products that deplete nutrients from the body or contain no nutrients at all. Depleting nutrients that the body could be using to support your immune system or to build repair within the body for example.

So whilst we’re always striving to eat well and fill our bodies with nourishing foods it’s important to remember that some of the things we eat or drink could actually counteract all that good work and actually deplete the body of essential nutrients and weaken our immune system.

Refined sugars and artificial sweeteners: sweets, cakes, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, chocolate, cakes, biscuits. These suppress and weaken the immune system and actually push vitamin C out of the body.

Coffee is absorbed quickly and prioritises the coffee over the nutrients from the food you’ve eaten.

Cigarettes and Alcohol bombard the body with toxins that overwhelms the body’s systems and impairs the immune system rather than supporting it.

Dairy produce is very mucus forming. Too much mucus can make breathing more of a challenge for some. Very important to remember whilst Covid-19 is a respiratory disease.

Junk food, convenience food and processed meat contain no nutrients whilst microwaving foods can deplete and damage any nutrients available in that meal.