Sports Therapy and Sports Massage are two distinctly different professions, it’s important to understand that offering Sports Massage does not make you a Sports Therapist.

Sports Therapy is so much more than just Sports Massage, sure a Sports Massage is great, it’s one of the many techniques I use as a qualified Sports Therapist.

A Sports Therapist offers Sports Massage plus additional techniques to treat muscular injuries and dysfunction.

Sports Therapists are highly educated experts in dealing with musculoskeletal disorders, treating pain and injury through hands-on treatment modalities, prescribing rehabilitation exercises and patient education. They are also trained to assess for muscle, joint and nerve dysfunction, using specialised techniques.

Rehabilitation after injury is a large part of a Sports Therapists role, as well as Fitness Testing, Instruction and Exercise Therapy. They’re also trained to give Nutritional advice, Sports Psychology techniques such as visualisation and motivation, to aid their clients further.

So you can see that a Sports Massage practitioner can perform only a small percentage of what Sports Therapists is trained to do. Make sure your therapist is Qualified, Insured and Affiliated.

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